Updating the Mosella UK website is an ongoing process.
On the main bait page, there is now a short film showing how to set up to catch small carp and F1s with our stunning GR8 soft pellets on a typical commercial fishery.

More and more products are going live each week, so click on the products link to see some of the best fishing tackle out there. Don't forget to ask your local tackle shop about our 2012 catalogue.

The 2012 Mosella UK catalogue shows you all our current products, including the highly acclaimed Prestige luggage. It also has details of our new Avalon and Ozone brands.
Ozone is a new brand for 2012, featuring all those little bits of end tackle that make life very easy. Avalon continues to grow, with new rods, baits and nets to allow you to really catch on commercial fisheries.

Also in the 2012 catalogue are tips from some of our sponsored anglers. They show you how to put our gear to best use, with links to the pages so you can then get the product code to give to your local shop.

We think these are exciting times for fishing and Mosella UK, we hope you want to be part of it. Once the website is complete, you will be able to see every single product we have, in every size, so you are fully informed about why we think our gear is the best.