Mosella Baits

We love Magic Bread and you will too!

Can be used straight on the hook or hair-rigged

Crust stays bouyant for weeks

Always fluffs up into an appealing hookbait

Halibait expanders are the best available

Magic Bread

24673 100

Magic Bread Natural flavour

24902 706 4.5mm expander

Halibait expanders made from

Click here link to GR8 pellets for GR8 soft hooker pellets

24673 101

Magic Bread Strawberry flavour

24902 708 6mm expander

best quality fishmeal

Click here link to SL6 pellets to get to SL6 pellets

24673 102

Magic Bread Vanilla flavour

24673 103

Magic Bread Fishmeal flavour

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