Solid Elastics

Ozone solid elastic is top quality, giving long life, superb stretch and high performance

In super bright colours to make following hooked fish easier

Impregnated with lubricant to keep running smoothly

A full range of strengths to suit modern pole fishing styles and situations

Packed in a strong, resealable packet for long shelf life

No 10 AVEFS10

Pink, 1.4mm diameter

Perfect for winter carp, or fishing shallow in warmer weather


Red, 0.8mm diameter

Perfect elastic for all round silver fish on lakes, rivers and canals

No 12 AVEFS12

Yellow, 1.6mm diameter

Nice light carping elastic or for snaggy swims on canals and rivers


Purple, 1.0mm diameter

Excellent for bagging silvers on commercials or bonus fish on canals

No 14 AVEFS14

Blue, 1.8mm diameter

Perfect elastic for most carping needs on modern commercial fisheries

Prefer to use hollow elastic?

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Orange, 1.2mm diameter

Superb for line-to-hand on rivers, or F1s on commercials. Also good when you don't know what to expect

No 16 AVEFS16

Green, 2.1mm diameter

The powerhouse for bagging big carp or fishing the margins

Like double elastic?

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