Avalon Advanced Baits

Our range of baits includes two types of hookable pellets, ready cut meat and artificial corn

GR8s (see this page) are soft hookers for carp in cooler water and silver fish year round. Available in 7 tasty flavours and each in two different sizes

SL6s are semi-hard but hookable oily pellets

Flavoured meat in 250g tubs is ready cubed for ease of use

A-Maize comes in three types to critically balance natural corn hookbaits

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Keep scrolling down to watch Chris Cameron using GR8s for small carp and F1s.

In our short film, he runs through the tackle he uses and how to feed.

Filmed at Mosella Manor Farm Fishery near Evesham in Worcestershire

AVGR8 F4 4mm AVGR8 F6 6mm

Fishmeal flavour

AVGR8 C4 4mm AVGR8 C6 6mm

Hot Chilly flavour

AVGR8 T4 4mm AVGR8 T6 6mm

Tigernut flavour

AVGR8 G4 4mm AVGR8 G6 6mm

Garlic flavour

AVGR8 H4 4mm AVGR8 H6 6mm

Halibut flavour

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AVGR8 B4 4mm AVGR8 B6 6mm

Strawberry flavour

AVGR8 S4 4mm AVGR8 S6 6mm

Scopex flavour

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